Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love (Lesson) is in the Air...

New segment to look forward to...Dear Relationship!!!
Love is truly powerful.  It does make you do crazy things indeed. I bet you've heard a lot of stories by now or may even be your own experience.  I think this is the main reason why a lot of people really respond well to topics that concern love too. Especially if you're on the radio, it's almost fool proof that listeners would get really engaged to eavesdrop on conversations about it. 

My thesis back in college was a comparative study on two radio programs, Love Notes and The Love Clinic. Need I elaborate what those shows are about? Listeners get to pour their heart out and share their stories through love letters. I guess it's that suspension of judgement that appeals so much to people who are in need of a sound advice about whatever they are going through in the name of love.  

I had my share of writing my story, er stories. One for a friend who was also featuring a sort of similar segment back on first radio station, Home Radio 97 dot 9. And the other when I had to read my own story just to get other people to do the same on Mellow947. I was told by one person that it was a brave thing to do.  I thought what's the harm? I've already dealt and moved on so sharing about my once love ordeal was not difficult at all. Somehow I knew that this will get others to follow suit- not to get into what I went through but rather be an inspiration and proof that things will eventually get better....that you will live to tell the tale and just laugh about it. I know I still do. Hahaha... (see?)

I just find it amazing that almost a couple of decades ago, I had no idea that I'd be in radio and more than that, hosting a love letter reading segment too!!! Funny how things just come into play, right? But I feel fulfilled, in all honesty, about being able to do what I am able to do.  Beats just amassing wealth from a more lucrative career. So much to look forward to though, as we begin this new segment on Relationships. I always find it uplifting to read and hear about stories of love and how it has changed the people involved in it.  Talk about living vicariously through other people's love lessons--indeed, sounds good to me!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Watch List...

I have been obsessing on owning a couple of new timepieces. In 2012, acquired an Invicta Corduba and a TW Steel TW2 from the States thru And just a few months after, another Invicta Dress watch and a Michael Kors Reese.  And honestly, I can't wait to get a few more pieces.

My love affair with the watch dates back to my childhood when I first had a cute Mickey Mouse wrist candy. I also had an awesome game and watch Casio model. Not too usual for a girl from kindergarten to be sporting one...haha.

I have lost count of  how many watches I have ever owned in this lifetime. But I do remember almost all of them. I was even crazy enough to wear 2 to 3 watches at the same time back in 5th and 6th grade. Yellow Alba Harajuku watch, a couple of Swatch watches, more Casio, Seiko, Timex, United Colors of Benetton, even Sanrio ones. I begged and promised my parents that I would be the kindest person on the planet for a Tag Heuer at one point. We were lucky enough to have someone pawn theirs (and eventually sold them to us) because it would've been quite impossible for me to ever possess one since it's yeah, expensive. Heck, I remember getting a Breitling chronograph which was a gift to my dad, but he didn't have an idea how much it was worth because really, he's got his own love affair with the Rolex, Omega and yeah even Seiko and Titus watches.

The addiction continues...this I know!!! As of writing this, I have already spoken to a friend who will bring home at least 2 more babies to the lot... I don't think I shall ever stop until I get myself a Rolex, er an IWC or uhm, I really dunno...All I know is I am truly wild about watches- please don't judge me!!! hahaha...