Saturday, August 24, 2013

Listeners Rendezvous

The ever reliable Nova of Girl Talk teamed up with us to bring our night time listeners a treat. It's just a simple thanksgiving shebang for the overwhelming support we are getting from night owls who are constantly keeping us company. 

What I love about this collaboration is that it made me wake up the sleeping publicity committee vein in me as I was my org's directress back in the day. Ah the good ole days.

I am also proud to have been able to explore my layout skills which needs some updating, really, but I love it...hahaha...

Hope you can come..To join, please go to our like page, Mellownights947. Make sure to like cravingsfraserpl on facebook then share the e-vite...Cheers!!!

Casting Call...

Nope. It isn't about any movie offers or the chance to hit it big in some big darn project. It's about a freak accident that happened early June of this year.

I woke up pretty excited for that trip like any other gatherings that would round up my workmates and friends at Mellow.

It was just a day trip and I couldn't even figure out til the last minute what to pack for the physical challenges that would be tossed our way at this year's team building event at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo.

We were already forewarned about how down and dirty this can get. I tried to prepare by bringing an old pair of sneakers so I wouldn't feel so bad if they get pretty soiled up beyond recognition. Literally soiled up. Funny thing was, I was just about to go down the hundreds of steps down when the left foot of the pair gave in and detached the foot bed from the rest of the shoe...soon after the right foot followed. Way too funny!!! Not for long did I end up in my trusty flip flops.  

Then came the challenges. First few were 'sisiw'(way too easy), but not until we lost and had to be the first group to cross the swamp of dirty water with a rope, ala Tarzan. Oh yeah, and this is where it all began.

I tried conquering my fears. Even though I had no prior workouts to assure that I had enough power in my arms, it was just pure adrenaline rush that got me to hang on for dear life on that really nasty big rope. Yes, I was a few inches short of the landing. I plunged into the murky swampy, stinky ugh water. But just when I thought that that was the only concern I had going, I felt some numbness to my fingers on my right. Frightened by the  
sight of my middle finger doing a 90 degree twist, I immediately twisted it back to position, hoping that would make it better. It sure did for the next 5-10 minutes. After that, I was just giving everybody the middle finger. It got about going big time!!! I was given first aid attention, well not much really, as it was just immobilized by gauze. I had to keep on changing the gauze because it was getting bigger and bigger. It was only when we got back to the resort receiving area on top of the hill when I had it iced. 

That freaky incident though never stopped me from participating in other events. I had my game face on and my middle finger up.LOL.

Just when I thought it was just a simple case of nerves getting entangled, nope- I had to brace myself for the unexpected.

When I got home, more pain felt. My mom insisted that I go to the hospital and have it checked. Off to the ER we went at around 10 in the evening.  And there I had it---the truth.

So my middle finger has got some serious crack going on. Oblique Fracture is what they call it. But the good news is, I made the right decision to twist it back immediately. The bad news is, I have to be in a cast for months or I could opt for surgery for an instant fix. At first, I had already accepted that surgery was my best bet, but everybody said I should just take it easy and give it time to heal naturally. After all, if there's any consolation, I had a pretty neat fracture. LOL.

For the next few days I was forced to do everything with the left hand, yes everything.

For somebody who's been right handed all her life, I did pretty good, yo!!! Even learned to put makeup and sign my name. What I couldn't do though, was drive.  Which was by far the most depressing thing to ever happen in my life.

27 days in a cast. 3 cast changes. Slinged for the most part. 

But oh, that's not all. The tricky part was I had 2 of my regular jobs going on plus, I took on a third one- sub-teaching for a friend in Miriam!

Talk about challenging...I was forced to go around. Discuss lessons, eat alone. Hail a cab. Whoaaa. 

But hey, I survived all those. I guess if you really put your mind and heart into it, nothing - not even a broken finger- can stop you.

I am still undergoing therapy in hopes of getting my fingers back in shape.

Actually my problem now isn't the middle finger but the fourth one which got neglected and now suffering the condition called trigger finger. It's contracted in such a way that I would be able to fully bend it like I used to and I couldn't lay it flat on a surface. It's always protruding. Argh. Not to mention, painful too when you stretch it out. Pffft. I've had 12 sessions of therapy and about to get more as of writing. 

Surgery would be my last resort. 

So far, my life is starting to go back to normal. And I am slowly picking up the pieces. (Naks)

But seriously, this event in my timeline really made a huge impact on how I see things. I have to always be prepared. It was depressing yes, but it will constantly remind me to not take things for granted and always be head and heart strong in facing whatever curve balls get thrown my way. 

The saga of the finger continues...hopefully a better ending!!!