Monday, May 13, 2013

Cast Away!!! (my votes)

Today is another historic day for Democracy in the Philippines as we Filipinos go out and exercise our right to Suffrage. I must admit, I had quite a difficult time trying to shortlist the plethora of candidates seeking a position in the government. 

I don't exactly like politics, but I wouldn't say that I am quite apolitical, and definitely NOT apathetic. I have my own convictions. I just don't really take part in mobilizations- I am almost always packed with so many things to do as it is... Anyway, I am dutiful taxpayer with my two jobs and I make sure that I stand for the credence of a law-abiding citizen. 

With my vote today,is a prayer-- that we may finally be able to attain the changes that will be for the better for more people...Amen!!!