Monday, October 21, 2013

The Split Screen

Recently, I got depressed about my fitness rut. I seem to have hit the wall and got stuck and unable to keep up with the goals I have been trying to sustain for the past months. 

I feel I shouldn't use my injury as an excuse, but yes it has indeed affected every single thing about my life. 

I prolly need to remind myself how far I've gotten so I can keep on pushing. Hence this post. 

As you can see I am the only one really big in the family. I was told that it was sort of a blessing/curse of my mom's side of the family. Each of them siblings had one kid who would be bigger and heftier than the others. I just happen to be "THE ONE" for our family. 

But I've done something about it. Still a work in progress but I know and I believe that it's worth doing as it is a gift for me.

Oh well, I am starting to get emotionally riled up by this.  But we all need THIS I suppose to keep going and going with life...

We get frustrated alright but that shouldn't be a valid reason to just throw in the towels and just give up.

So what keeps you going? I hope you find one reason enough to be worth all the trouble...