Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Great Fitness Reboot...

So around early 2012, I involved myself in some intense fitness campaign with my buds from Mellow and we dubbed it as KPR..or Katawang Pang Romansa which translates to Body (fit) for Romance... Yes, I have dreamed of losing the gut, the flabs and the extra jigglies around different parts of the body.  And I would say, I have achieved quite a lot in doing so. Thanks to my awesome trainers from Sky Fitness and also from Elorde's Boxing Gym in Ortigas. However, things happened and I am unable to do those things anymore. But that's not to say and never reason enough to stop doing it all together. 
with my former partner in the show, DJ Marco

There have been many challenges that hampered my continued progress but thank god also for Envie Slim and Sculpt because at least they have consistently made it possible for my core to still take on the pressure and still be strong enough.

Anyway, following my 4 months and counting of rehabilitating my fingers, I am strong to my resolve to go back and gear up for a fitness reboot. I have to go back and realign my fitness goals. And I am slowly but surely going that way. I already convinced my co-worker/friend from my day job to take advantage of the free gym in our office building. We managed to do a couple of sessions already doing the almost non equipment workouts since there are only limited equipment in that said gym. And then there was a pool. Maybe, just maybe I can start building my confidence to learn to swim again.  Meanwhile, my former gym bud has invited me to try out body combat in his gym in Megamall. And oh boy, I couldn't express how happy I was especially that I have been missing boxing for so long now. 

So the day after that body combat boot camp, my body is feeling sore as of writing. The kind of sore that I want and miss. And yes, I'm doing okay and yeah, couldn't wait to check out some off my fitness list. 

Hopefully, in 3 months time, I am about 20 lbs lighter and stronger...Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

It's got to be done!!! And it will be...oh yeah, it will be!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Paint me baby, One More Time...

I used to not be a fan of painting nails. I have worn mine plainly clean and simple. I even do my own manicure and pedicure at home.

And then I was introduced to the concept of spas. From massages to foot spas, they were my way of relaxing.

Eventually, I got to try painting my nails. But I would usually just have it on my toes. I tried having it on my fingers nails, but it would always chip off and it was such a hassle for touch ups.

I would go to different nail salons wherever I would end up with my spa buds. I didn't have a regular place to get it done until I found one near my office in Ortigas.  I would patronize that place until one of the nail technicians kind of butchered my fingers.

It took awhile for me to go back there, but I still did for lack of any place more convenient to go to..

Until last year, 2012, when I discovered a nail salon just right at the corner near our home. Right in neighborhood was a great discovery! Japanese buffing stone? That kind of intrigued me too. Not to mention that they were really affordable to. I just had to try it for myself.

Of course I got their signature foot spa and maniped. I was satisfied with the foot spa service since they didn't really hurt my sole with they way they slough off the rough skin. And then their cleaning routine. It's very tedious and thorough. Something that definitely pleased me and was reason enough for me to keep coming back.

The first few times, I wasn't serviced yet by their premier nail technician, Aika, but eventually she did and boy, did I always want to have my nails painted. She does a great job every single time. Very meticulous and really clean, I don't mind if it took her like an hour or so to finish my fingers and my toes. She is one gifted technician and believe me, she's really that thorough that your maniped should last you longer til the need to clean them nails again. And it doesn't have any rough edges, so you can really tell that it was done the way it should.

It was inevitable that more and more color combinations would pop in my head. And for the first time, I tried wearing red. Yes, I have always been afraid since to my thinking, it would make my hand look dark or it wouldn't really suit me at all.  But I was wrong. As it has become such a sexy sexy statement.

I would also eventually start buying my own nail colors. And the one thing I really like about going to GivMeBuff Nail Lounge is that, even if I have cheap nail colors, they still look like they're pricey because it was beautifully applied onto my nails.

The possibilities are just about endless when it comes to nail art.  I am constantly trying on new hues and shades and even textures. To me having nail art, is like an expression of my inner sentiments. It's like I'm reaching in to my artistic side with every thought of what specific color scheme I should go for. Like I'm trying to convey certain emotions and feelings at that very moment through my color choices.

I couldn't say it enough, but I really really love how they treat their clients. Very accommodating and very homey, you'll feel really special. And oh another must try in their salon is their massage. Yes, at 200 pesos, it was quite  a treat. Truly satisfied.

Go check em out the corner of Assistant Street, GSIS Village in Project 8 and their numbers are posted below on the flyer.

So, have you thought about your color combination yet??? *wink, wink*