Monday, October 21, 2013

The Split Screen

Recently, I got depressed about my fitness rut. I seem to have hit the wall and got stuck and unable to keep up with the goals I have been trying to sustain for the past months. 

I feel I shouldn't use my injury as an excuse, but yes it has indeed affected every single thing about my life. 

I prolly need to remind myself how far I've gotten so I can keep on pushing. Hence this post. 

As you can see I am the only one really big in the family. I was told that it was sort of a blessing/curse of my mom's side of the family. Each of them siblings had one kid who would be bigger and heftier than the others. I just happen to be "THE ONE" for our family. 

But I've done something about it. Still a work in progress but I know and I believe that it's worth doing as it is a gift for me.

Oh well, I am starting to get emotionally riled up by this.  But we all need THIS I suppose to keep going and going with life...

We get frustrated alright but that shouldn't be a valid reason to just throw in the towels and just give up.

So what keeps you going? I hope you find one reason enough to be worth all the trouble...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Great Fitness Reboot...

So around early 2012, I involved myself in some intense fitness campaign with my buds from Mellow and we dubbed it as KPR..or Katawang Pang Romansa which translates to Body (fit) for Romance... Yes, I have dreamed of losing the gut, the flabs and the extra jigglies around different parts of the body.  And I would say, I have achieved quite a lot in doing so. Thanks to my awesome trainers from Sky Fitness and also from Elorde's Boxing Gym in Ortigas. However, things happened and I am unable to do those things anymore. But that's not to say and never reason enough to stop doing it all together. 
with my former partner in the show, DJ Marco

There have been many challenges that hampered my continued progress but thank god also for Envie Slim and Sculpt because at least they have consistently made it possible for my core to still take on the pressure and still be strong enough.

Anyway, following my 4 months and counting of rehabilitating my fingers, I am strong to my resolve to go back and gear up for a fitness reboot. I have to go back and realign my fitness goals. And I am slowly but surely going that way. I already convinced my co-worker/friend from my day job to take advantage of the free gym in our office building. We managed to do a couple of sessions already doing the almost non equipment workouts since there are only limited equipment in that said gym. And then there was a pool. Maybe, just maybe I can start building my confidence to learn to swim again.  Meanwhile, my former gym bud has invited me to try out body combat in his gym in Megamall. And oh boy, I couldn't express how happy I was especially that I have been missing boxing for so long now. 

So the day after that body combat boot camp, my body is feeling sore as of writing. The kind of sore that I want and miss. And yes, I'm doing okay and yeah, couldn't wait to check out some off my fitness list. 

Hopefully, in 3 months time, I am about 20 lbs lighter and stronger...Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

It's got to be done!!! And it will be...oh yeah, it will be!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Paint me baby, One More Time...

I used to not be a fan of painting nails. I have worn mine plainly clean and simple. I even do my own manicure and pedicure at home.

And then I was introduced to the concept of spas. From massages to foot spas, they were my way of relaxing.

Eventually, I got to try painting my nails. But I would usually just have it on my toes. I tried having it on my fingers nails, but it would always chip off and it was such a hassle for touch ups.

I would go to different nail salons wherever I would end up with my spa buds. I didn't have a regular place to get it done until I found one near my office in Ortigas.  I would patronize that place until one of the nail technicians kind of butchered my fingers.

It took awhile for me to go back there, but I still did for lack of any place more convenient to go to..

Until last year, 2012, when I discovered a nail salon just right at the corner near our home. Right in neighborhood was a great discovery! Japanese buffing stone? That kind of intrigued me too. Not to mention that they were really affordable to. I just had to try it for myself.

Of course I got their signature foot spa and maniped. I was satisfied with the foot spa service since they didn't really hurt my sole with they way they slough off the rough skin. And then their cleaning routine. It's very tedious and thorough. Something that definitely pleased me and was reason enough for me to keep coming back.

The first few times, I wasn't serviced yet by their premier nail technician, Aika, but eventually she did and boy, did I always want to have my nails painted. She does a great job every single time. Very meticulous and really clean, I don't mind if it took her like an hour or so to finish my fingers and my toes. She is one gifted technician and believe me, she's really that thorough that your maniped should last you longer til the need to clean them nails again. And it doesn't have any rough edges, so you can really tell that it was done the way it should.

It was inevitable that more and more color combinations would pop in my head. And for the first time, I tried wearing red. Yes, I have always been afraid since to my thinking, it would make my hand look dark or it wouldn't really suit me at all.  But I was wrong. As it has become such a sexy sexy statement.

I would also eventually start buying my own nail colors. And the one thing I really like about going to GivMeBuff Nail Lounge is that, even if I have cheap nail colors, they still look like they're pricey because it was beautifully applied onto my nails.

The possibilities are just about endless when it comes to nail art.  I am constantly trying on new hues and shades and even textures. To me having nail art, is like an expression of my inner sentiments. It's like I'm reaching in to my artistic side with every thought of what specific color scheme I should go for. Like I'm trying to convey certain emotions and feelings at that very moment through my color choices.

I couldn't say it enough, but I really really love how they treat their clients. Very accommodating and very homey, you'll feel really special. And oh another must try in their salon is their massage. Yes, at 200 pesos, it was quite  a treat. Truly satisfied.

Go check em out the corner of Assistant Street, GSIS Village in Project 8 and their numbers are posted below on the flyer.

So, have you thought about your color combination yet??? *wink, wink*

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Listeners Rendezvous

The ever reliable Nova of Girl Talk teamed up with us to bring our night time listeners a treat. It's just a simple thanksgiving shebang for the overwhelming support we are getting from night owls who are constantly keeping us company. 

What I love about this collaboration is that it made me wake up the sleeping publicity committee vein in me as I was my org's directress back in the day. Ah the good ole days.

I am also proud to have been able to explore my layout skills which needs some updating, really, but I love it...hahaha...

Hope you can come..To join, please go to our like page, Mellownights947. Make sure to like cravingsfraserpl on facebook then share the e-vite...Cheers!!!

Casting Call...

Nope. It isn't about any movie offers or the chance to hit it big in some big darn project. It's about a freak accident that happened early June of this year.

I woke up pretty excited for that trip like any other gatherings that would round up my workmates and friends at Mellow.

It was just a day trip and I couldn't even figure out til the last minute what to pack for the physical challenges that would be tossed our way at this year's team building event at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo.

We were already forewarned about how down and dirty this can get. I tried to prepare by bringing an old pair of sneakers so I wouldn't feel so bad if they get pretty soiled up beyond recognition. Literally soiled up. Funny thing was, I was just about to go down the hundreds of steps down when the left foot of the pair gave in and detached the foot bed from the rest of the shoe...soon after the right foot followed. Way too funny!!! Not for long did I end up in my trusty flip flops.  

Then came the challenges. First few were 'sisiw'(way too easy), but not until we lost and had to be the first group to cross the swamp of dirty water with a rope, ala Tarzan. Oh yeah, and this is where it all began.

I tried conquering my fears. Even though I had no prior workouts to assure that I had enough power in my arms, it was just pure adrenaline rush that got me to hang on for dear life on that really nasty big rope. Yes, I was a few inches short of the landing. I plunged into the murky swampy, stinky ugh water. But just when I thought that that was the only concern I had going, I felt some numbness to my fingers on my right. Frightened by the  
sight of my middle finger doing a 90 degree twist, I immediately twisted it back to position, hoping that would make it better. It sure did for the next 5-10 minutes. After that, I was just giving everybody the middle finger. It got about going big time!!! I was given first aid attention, well not much really, as it was just immobilized by gauze. I had to keep on changing the gauze because it was getting bigger and bigger. It was only when we got back to the resort receiving area on top of the hill when I had it iced. 

That freaky incident though never stopped me from participating in other events. I had my game face on and my middle finger up.LOL.

Just when I thought it was just a simple case of nerves getting entangled, nope- I had to brace myself for the unexpected.

When I got home, more pain felt. My mom insisted that I go to the hospital and have it checked. Off to the ER we went at around 10 in the evening.  And there I had it---the truth.

So my middle finger has got some serious crack going on. Oblique Fracture is what they call it. But the good news is, I made the right decision to twist it back immediately. The bad news is, I have to be in a cast for months or I could opt for surgery for an instant fix. At first, I had already accepted that surgery was my best bet, but everybody said I should just take it easy and give it time to heal naturally. After all, if there's any consolation, I had a pretty neat fracture. LOL.

For the next few days I was forced to do everything with the left hand, yes everything.

For somebody who's been right handed all her life, I did pretty good, yo!!! Even learned to put makeup and sign my name. What I couldn't do though, was drive.  Which was by far the most depressing thing to ever happen in my life.

27 days in a cast. 3 cast changes. Slinged for the most part. 

But oh, that's not all. The tricky part was I had 2 of my regular jobs going on plus, I took on a third one- sub-teaching for a friend in Miriam!

Talk about challenging...I was forced to go around. Discuss lessons, eat alone. Hail a cab. Whoaaa. 

But hey, I survived all those. I guess if you really put your mind and heart into it, nothing - not even a broken finger- can stop you.

I am still undergoing therapy in hopes of getting my fingers back in shape.

Actually my problem now isn't the middle finger but the fourth one which got neglected and now suffering the condition called trigger finger. It's contracted in such a way that I would be able to fully bend it like I used to and I couldn't lay it flat on a surface. It's always protruding. Argh. Not to mention, painful too when you stretch it out. Pffft. I've had 12 sessions of therapy and about to get more as of writing. 

Surgery would be my last resort. 

So far, my life is starting to go back to normal. And I am slowly picking up the pieces. (Naks)

But seriously, this event in my timeline really made a huge impact on how I see things. I have to always be prepared. It was depressing yes, but it will constantly remind me to not take things for granted and always be head and heart strong in facing whatever curve balls get thrown my way. 

The saga of the finger continues...hopefully a better ending!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cast Away!!! (my votes)

Today is another historic day for Democracy in the Philippines as we Filipinos go out and exercise our right to Suffrage. I must admit, I had quite a difficult time trying to shortlist the plethora of candidates seeking a position in the government. 

I don't exactly like politics, but I wouldn't say that I am quite apolitical, and definitely NOT apathetic. I have my own convictions. I just don't really take part in mobilizations- I am almost always packed with so many things to do as it is... Anyway, I am dutiful taxpayer with my two jobs and I make sure that I stand for the credence of a law-abiding citizen. 

With my vote today,is a prayer-- that we may finally be able to attain the changes that will be for the better for more people...Amen!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Cauliflower Fried "Rice"

I attempted to make my own easier version of a paleo recipe called Cauliflower Fried Rice.  Rice grains are actually not allowed in the paleo diet. So instead of the rice grain, we are tricking ourselves in to eating cauliflower just so the texture would be akin to that of the pinoy staple. 

I failed to take a photo since I was too busy cutting, mincing,boiling, mashing and washing the dishes. But I would have to say, I'm pretty proud of what I did. I opted not to put basil leaves anymore but my mom suggested that I should've...Maybe tomorrow...I'll try to not put ground chicken anymore since it's too oily. I don't have a hand in choosing the white meat when buying ground chicken. Maybe I'll put mince chicken next time. I am truly excited with all this kitchen experiments I am doing in the name of health. Would be so much fun if I start using my brand spankin new oven...hehehe...

So what did I use?

Around 2 cups of cauliflower florettes. Cut the hard stems off. Mince some garlic and onions. Around 2 tbsp garlic and 1 medium sized red onion. Olive oil or coconut oil for sauteing. Salt, pepper, cayenne and marjoram spices depending on your taste. I like freshly ground pepper by the way.Around 150 grams of ground chicken. 

So how did I do it?

I washed and cut the cauliflower florettes into bite size pieces so it's easier to break it apart later. Bring to a boil, roughly half the pan filled with water. Steam the cauliflower until done. Meanwhile prepare the garlic and onions. Set aside. As soon as the cauliflower florettes are done, start mashing it like you would a potato. I didn't have a potato masher so a large cooking spoon did the trick for me. Season it with salt and pepper while still hot. Set aside. Meanwhile, heat a separate pan. Put some olive oil and wait til hot. Start sauteing garlic and onions. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Put the ground chicken and stir til cooked. By this time oil is coming out from the ground chicken. Season accordingly with a pinch of cayenne and marjoram. When done, make sure to remove the extra oil. Take out from the pan but use the same pan to stir fry mashed florettes for a bit then finally toss in the chicken saute...Season again with freshly ground pepper and serve!!!!

Hurrah for this new foodie adventure...healthy cooking and eating indeed!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Basking in the Afterglow!!!

I certainly miss getting that post workout glow... I like taking a selfie when I'm all sweaty but still glowing like so...I definitely should go back and box again!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Paleo Diet Redux

I have been having some weight issues again. I sort of have hit the wall. In an effort to do something about it, I have decided to do a revision to the Paleo diet or the Caveman Diet that I was hoping to change my body. With that I need to stop being lazy and instead be more creative and be more in control. 

I don't really believe in diets but I do know that my food choices will greatly affect my body transformation. So lemme just get into this for now and see for myself. 

Come on board my journey...Recipes will be shared, thoughts will be spread. This ought to begin soon!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Training Days, Here I come!!!

I have been struggling to get back to training.  The thing about my coaches is that they leave the gyms I go to...How cool is that?  First, twas Coach Migie from Sky Fitness Manila and then Coach Jun from Elorde's. I know for a fact that that should not stop me from training since I can always opt for other coaches, right? Well that's what truly baffles me to no end.  I don't understand why I could not get myself to just settle for a replacement, after all, they all just wound up taking the role of my coach because of pure circumstance. 

The last time I went boxing was around the last week of January... Hey, it's almost halfway through April.  I have been meaning to go and see my old coach in his new gym but my car just had to be fixed and I have to settle for my dad's and my brother's cars for my ride. I know, I know-- excuses, excuses!!! How come I got none of those back in the day? Was so well motivated that even if twas raining and even if I had a few hours sleep, I'd still show up in the gym? I feel horrible now...why I needed to write these things. To remind me...LOL. 

But it shouldn't stop at writing. I plan to take action. Yes, I would have to step it up again. My mom has been telling me that I am gaining weight. The weighing scale agreed that after two weeks of not going to the sculpt clinic to tone my love handles, I have gained pounds. Around 3 pounds in 2 weeks. The only good thing is that I gained muscle mass. So those 3 pounds are pretty ok. But I never lost any body fat either, so it's still bad and true enough, I feel bad and quite alarmed. I may revved up my  metabolism significantly but that's never enough to just sit down and expect the fat to just go away. It's a good thing that there are so many resources now available to do more research and take note of the things that I should be doing so that I could be well on my way to improving my health and well-being.

It's been more than a year since I began my healthy journey with Sky Fitness Manila, and I am pretty happy with the life-changing impact it has given me. I am truly excited about the opening date of their newest branch which would be nearer my office (day job). Couldn't wait to get my butt working out once again... Damn, it's been so long. My body is just looking for the pain and the challenge that comes along with the workouts. But of course, I have to be more conscious about the food I am about to take too... I need to come up with my food diary and find time to really prepare sensible meals. Again, there are so many information now available through the internet and so I have no excuse. 

But I'm still going to need all the luck...So wish me well, please??? Thank you very much!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer Stings...

The heat has just been ridiculous!!! 32-36 degrees Celsius...hell, you'd feel like every inch of you is being baked straight into the oven. 

Meanwhile, I have been falling asleep trying to squeeze some creative juices out of my brain in the midst of this crazy sizzling temperature. 

So many things to do indeed, but so little time and so much of the sun to deal with. Grrr. 

I have been surfing for ideas, but I can't seem to grasp anything at this point with this scorching distraction. Dayummm. I am so tempted to wear my two piece while trying to come up with some novel idea for the show and for my future endeavor --- hahaha...lemme intrigue you by saying this might just be a person!!! LOL.

I certainly hope that my day job would finally allow us to wear shorts to work in lieu of this heated situation. Crap!!! 

I blame this unforgiving hot weather for all indolence that has struck me like a plague-- haven't been going to the gym and always cutting on plans just so I could evade any exposure to the   unbelievable temp. 

Oh well...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feedback Please

I want to know who's out there...I want to know what your blogs are...and how I'd be able to follow back.
Please try to message me whenever and however you can.

I would love to hear from you guys....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Something Thinspiring!!!

 I have been "healthy" all my life...Weight has never been a deterrent for me. Until my eyes said otherwise.  Boom!!!

What Now?

I have been practically busy the entire week (and the past ones too) and couldn't find time to go and see my boxing trainer. I am starting to feel the fats settling in again. Hmmkay, I exaggerate sometimes, but if you only knew how it feels...

Don't get me wrong, I am not being too hard on myself for trying to look a certain way just to be accepted, yada yada...I am just truly and genuinely concerned about my health.  I've come a long way since the time I was diagnosed with an irreversible condition that would have rendered me blind in no time. Yes, BLIND. For somebody as visually driven as me, oh my goodness, that was truly devastating to know. 

My closest friends doubt my intentions and tell me that I am overreacting to my situation...That I am actually just doing all of these transformations for someone and not for me. To be perfectly honest, yes I am doing it for some other people not just for myself. My family for instance. I think I owe them enough to be healthy and strong so I can still help provide them the better quality of life that we all deserve. My friends, because I still want to experience life even in all its complexities. My peers and colleagues-- because my passion for our craft will also affect and satisfy my satiety for excellence in this business. 

I find it weird and sad at the same time that the people you expect to know you better doubt you more than people who just met you the first time. But maybe that's just the universe creating an opportunity for me to prove them wrong. Or maybe they just simply don't know me well enough and that the years may have not been enough for them to see the real me. I don't want to entertain the thought that they never really paid attention to the real me because they were so busy with other things. But I do understand that it's partly my fault that I kept some aspects of my life from some of my friends. I don't really like talking about myself and what I am going through. I don't just dump my feelings no matter how heavy a baggage they have become. I spare people the frustration and the responsibility to say something that can make me feel better. If my friends get together, they can probably talk about me in bits and pieces before they get to put together who I really am and what my daily battles are. 

I understand that there are people who likes talking about themselves and unloading their emotions, well  I am a willing ear. I would want to listen and maybe share my thoughts or maybe not say anything back.  My silence doesn't mean that I didn't understand nor did I just make some passing judgments in my head. It's just me learning and processing the matter for future references either for my own benefit or for the people concerned. 

Some would probably mistake me for being shallow and in extreme cases probably think I'm dumb for not being able to utter fancy shmancy attacks or rebuttals to some personal issues. I suppose I adhere more to the concept of less talk, less mistakes. The chances of being misunderstood would just be greater if I would be keeping my sentences long and flowery. I could if I tried to, but I don't want to.  For me life is complicated enough to add to the mix. 

Never mind if people think of me otherwise.  The most important thing that we need to know is to know who we are and what we want. In the meantime, the battle wages on. The clear intention is to create a better version of ourselves in the days to come because after all, even if the it wages on, we still get to choose them battles, right?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love (Lesson) is in the Air...

New segment to look forward to...Dear Relationship!!!
Love is truly powerful.  It does make you do crazy things indeed. I bet you've heard a lot of stories by now or may even be your own experience.  I think this is the main reason why a lot of people really respond well to topics that concern love too. Especially if you're on the radio, it's almost fool proof that listeners would get really engaged to eavesdrop on conversations about it. 

My thesis back in college was a comparative study on two radio programs, Love Notes and The Love Clinic. Need I elaborate what those shows are about? Listeners get to pour their heart out and share their stories through love letters. I guess it's that suspension of judgement that appeals so much to people who are in need of a sound advice about whatever they are going through in the name of love.  

I had my share of writing my story, er stories. One for a friend who was also featuring a sort of similar segment back on first radio station, Home Radio 97 dot 9. And the other when I had to read my own story just to get other people to do the same on Mellow947. I was told by one person that it was a brave thing to do.  I thought what's the harm? I've already dealt and moved on so sharing about my once love ordeal was not difficult at all. Somehow I knew that this will get others to follow suit- not to get into what I went through but rather be an inspiration and proof that things will eventually get better....that you will live to tell the tale and just laugh about it. I know I still do. Hahaha... (see?)

I just find it amazing that almost a couple of decades ago, I had no idea that I'd be in radio and more than that, hosting a love letter reading segment too!!! Funny how things just come into play, right? But I feel fulfilled, in all honesty, about being able to do what I am able to do.  Beats just amassing wealth from a more lucrative career. So much to look forward to though, as we begin this new segment on Relationships. I always find it uplifting to read and hear about stories of love and how it has changed the people involved in it.  Talk about living vicariously through other people's love lessons--indeed, sounds good to me!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Watch List...

I have been obsessing on owning a couple of new timepieces. In 2012, acquired an Invicta Corduba and a TW Steel TW2 from the States thru And just a few months after, another Invicta Dress watch and a Michael Kors Reese.  And honestly, I can't wait to get a few more pieces.

My love affair with the watch dates back to my childhood when I first had a cute Mickey Mouse wrist candy. I also had an awesome game and watch Casio model. Not too usual for a girl from kindergarten to be sporting one...haha.

I have lost count of  how many watches I have ever owned in this lifetime. But I do remember almost all of them. I was even crazy enough to wear 2 to 3 watches at the same time back in 5th and 6th grade. Yellow Alba Harajuku watch, a couple of Swatch watches, more Casio, Seiko, Timex, United Colors of Benetton, even Sanrio ones. I begged and promised my parents that I would be the kindest person on the planet for a Tag Heuer at one point. We were lucky enough to have someone pawn theirs (and eventually sold them to us) because it would've been quite impossible for me to ever possess one since it's yeah, expensive. Heck, I remember getting a Breitling chronograph which was a gift to my dad, but he didn't have an idea how much it was worth because really, he's got his own love affair with the Rolex, Omega and yeah even Seiko and Titus watches.

The addiction continues...this I know!!! As of writing this, I have already spoken to a friend who will bring home at least 2 more babies to the lot... I don't think I shall ever stop until I get myself a Rolex, er an IWC or uhm, I really dunno...All I know is I am truly wild about watches- please don't judge me!!! hahaha...