Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer Stings...

The heat has just been ridiculous!!! 32-36 degrees Celsius...hell, you'd feel like every inch of you is being baked straight into the oven. 

Meanwhile, I have been falling asleep trying to squeeze some creative juices out of my brain in the midst of this crazy sizzling temperature. 

So many things to do indeed, but so little time and so much of the sun to deal with. Grrr. 

I have been surfing for ideas, but I can't seem to grasp anything at this point with this scorching distraction. Dayummm. I am so tempted to wear my two piece while trying to come up with some novel idea for the show and for my future endeavor --- hahaha...lemme intrigue you by saying this might just be a person!!! LOL.

I certainly hope that my day job would finally allow us to wear shorts to work in lieu of this heated situation. Crap!!! 

I blame this unforgiving hot weather for all indolence that has struck me like a plague-- haven't been going to the gym and always cutting on plans just so I could evade any exposure to the   unbelievable temp. 

Oh well...

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