Sunday, October 5, 2014

End of a Rut

I have been too complacent for my own good. I know I have said about a million times that I will pursue a healthy lifestyle. I've done it before and so why am I having such a difficult time now? I have so many excuses. I think I'm very good at it. Jeeze.  But I may have found yet another reason to finally get back into it. Following an encounter last night that almost shook my world into pieces, I said to myself, I have to take a hold of my life again. I can't just always be happy at the thought that yeah, I certainly don't look my age, but by god, who am I fooling? I can't change the numbers. It would always be that.

Anyway, I have some commitments this coming week and I would have to fix my life from here on.  I am not sure either if I wanted to see certain people at this point. Maybe a detox on that particular area of my life would also be necessary. I need to stop being lazy from now on. LOL.

By this time, if I had stuck to the kind of discipline I used to have, I may have achieved 'greatness'...hahaha. But it's never too late. And so I will have to document this. Thank god for new opportunities. At least in those areas, I won't have to worry too much. I can pretty much focus on my health this time around...So help me god! LOL.

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