Monday, February 9, 2015

Dealing with the Cards...

Another whirlwind week just flew by. Had an awesome weekend spent with fam and friends and some cars. 

Soccer boy left for his home country. Three dots was his usual inconsistent self while the other a-hole just pissed me off during the last phone convo we had. I have to say, this week was more enlightening for me more than ever. I am proud to add that yes, I'm well on my way to fully ridding myself of these completely-waste-of-time-blokes.

I am trying to think if I came off as that desperate to even spend time and effort with these people... My friends are always right and I am always giving so much benefit. Well, it has to end somehow... I am quite grateful though that it wouldn't be as bad as I thought it would be when I decide to just give up and throw in the towels. 

My recent conversation with the a-hole got me irritated with his insinuations about three dots and why I am still keeping ties with him... Of course at some point, you will get pissed. Not because I was guilty but more so because he doesn't even know half the story.

Three dots also lost his appeal when he would ask me for a huge favor and end up changing his mind in the middle of it all and yes, I was caught in the middle of it all... Stupid!!! I hate being used. And it hurts even more that I actually allowed myself to get used. 

So that should be the end. 

Soccer boy is also inconsistent but I never expected much from him anyway. So it doesn't really matter.

A-hole still tops the list. I know he only reconnected because he needs my help. I may be helpful, but I'm not stupid. And I have been warned. 

And over the weekend, a friend read my tarot cards. If I get blinded by what I see, I may suffer the consequence of losing everything. I am afraid all of a sudden as this could be anything and anyone.

My responsibility is far greater than ever. I am the designated caretaker of the family's properties. And so I have to be a little more than cautious. Of people and their intentions. 

At the end of the day, people have vested interests that need to be met somehow. And maybe at other people's expense.

I may have the power to change my cards. I am my own captain, but I cannot change the character of the people that lurk around me. So I suppose that's enough reason for me to let go of these freaks.  

The cards may have something else to say next...

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