Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to me...

It's my birth month! I officially turn a year older 10 days into the new year. Still not fully recovered from the holidays, I am forced into more celebrating and yep, pretty much to some more spending.

As always though, I never really make such a big fuss about it. Nothing grandiose. Just a simple lunch then a simple dinner and a meet up. Whoa? A meet up? Suffice to say, it was pretty low key but nonetheless wonderful. Much like who I am. Hehehe...

My friends from Honda Cars lent me a birthday ride with the CRV Cruiser Edition. Which of course would prompt a road trip for the

And so Tagaytay it was. I can't believe how many times I've been there, but it's like a gift that keeps on giving. Got the chance to eat at Gourmet Farms' The Dining Room which was actually pretty good. I also got to go to the Pink Sisters Chapel which I never been to even after the many times I've been in the area. 

The most fun about the trip was I got to be with my closest friends. Friends who I had been keeping for a couple of decades now. I'm very grateful.

The night before the road trip, I met a friend. I was getting frustrated at first for being made to wait and spend the last couple of hours of my birthday waiting in the car and driving in circles. But in the end, it turned out well. And we've been pseudo friends since then..."Pseudo" shall be explained later...LOL.

Anyway, I got flooded with so many greets. And one particular text that I was hoping not to get, got through. It didn't make such an impact though, which was surprising. Although there was a lot of missing involved in that.

Sometimes I wish it never got through if only to feel that empty yet again. I'd be weird to say I wish it never got through so that I would feel more important that way-- more afterthought was given to not doing something as opposed to something perfunctory.

Post scripting all things birthday-- I got a call a couple of days after.  This person waited for my reply apparently. For my acknowledgment. Which I honestly and deliberately delayed because I was thinking of something witty to say or at least something with more 'afterthought' ... I know, I'm weird like that.

The other person which I had no high hopes for completely skipped any greetings which I later found out didn't really know when it was. Well understandably, this person never bothered to ask and most prolly wasn't paying attention to what we and everybody else have been saying about my birthday. Exactly two weeks after, this person greets me and asks for a treat. Pfffft...

All in all, 2014 with all the crazy twists and turns turned out to be a pretty good one for me and pretty much empowering. This year looks pretty promising although, I had a slow start and I'm still stretching my legs.  

Anyway, I have so much things to do. So many things left to accomplish. Here's to more of the good things--all the best I say... thinking about it, I'm so stoked...Finally!

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