Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Unfriend Zoned...

I am in disbelief. The maturity levels!!! For the first time in the gazillion years of my existence, after being turned down for a couple of times, I was digitally erased from his memory.

Sad day indeed...but what can the poor me do but just accept.

I miss him everyday that much I can say. But I know the feeling will never be mutual...but I never knew and never prepared myself for this.

He never considered me a friend. I meant nothing. And that's the most hurtful thing that could ever happen to anyone. No, I'm not a drama queen. I'm not a sensitive prick. OA. 

I am a human being...I get hurt. Because I treated this person like a friend. Willing to do anything for, this despite the fact that I hardly knew him. 

I wish him well though. I really dunno what's goin on in his head. All I know now is just that our paths once crossed and we walked together but we have to go our separate ways.  Thank you. You made me happy even for a brief time...

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