Sunday, June 17, 2012

And so they said they do...

My friend Cheryl asked me to be the mistress of ceremonies at her wedding reception. Funny though but about a few weeks prior to her asking, I just declined an invitation for a paid gig by another friend. I didn't really like hosting to begin with, add to the fact that I have two jobs to file a leave for. Anyway, I couldn't say no to Cheryl's request so I agreed but only if I had a co-host. There's something about hosting by myself and just being given all the responsibility to keep the ball rolling in a get together like that. 

It's been awhile since I hosted a wedding. But thankfully, everything flowed smoothly and it helped that my co-host was somebody I knew and was also a colleague. But I would say the most fun part had something to do with the dress. My mom made my gown.  It was such a task to choose from a lot of possible designs. And oh boy, my mom can definitely do anything is another. Sky's the limit for her. So the burden of coming up with one final design took a little while. The gown came out really nice and elegant. To think that it was a last minute finish. Yup. If people only knew what was goin on the backside of the belt.LOL. But my mom as usual did such an excellent job on the dress as it really fit me well from the color to the cut to the length to the littlest detail. Wonder how it would be like if I was the bride...might take me months to figure out just what to pick out. But yeah, I think I need to find a boyfriend first.LOL.

The couple, Cheryl and Hans, really prepared for their big day. From an opening number to a whole bunch of pictures and some fun games...and oh, some heavenly food!!! I loved the place. It was at the Loft in Rockwell, but it's just such a hassle to be walking in your gown from the mall to the venue as I was advised to park at the Powerplant mall. I had no choice but to cross the street in my teal floor-length dress. Good thing, manong traffic enforcer was kind enough to escort me from end to end of the street...long gown competition was underway and I just had to wear my Rayban just to mask some of my embarrassment. LOL. 

Don't you just love weddings? I actually do. Something about it that makes you happy, giddy, and hopeful. I have friends who cry at weddings, I know someone who dreams of how her wedding would be since she was a kid. I also know someone who just wants to skip all the trouble and just get it over and done with. Hahaha. Me? I just realized I could actually love hosting weddings.

There was a time in my life when I didn't see myself getting married. An old fling whom I got reconnected with late last year reminded me that. He asked why I'm still not in a relationship, and I started explaining to him and he just said, yeah, he remembered me telling him that I didn't want to be in a committed relationship all because I don't have any plans of settling down anyway. Funny how that reminded me just how much people can change...I have changed. I now look forward to the day when I could finally say that I can be committed to one person. Too bad though that there isn't anyone worthy enough for that commitment at the moment. But who knows...I never could have predicted that I would actually be writing something about it back then. LOL.

One day, I'll be able to say I do...but for now, I could only say, maybe...hahaha. 

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