Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another One Bites the Apple...

This year saw two different takes on the big screen of the classic Grimm Brothers tale of a princess whose skin is as white as snow. Still there were a couple of other features on this classic Disney fare on the boob tube particularly on Grimm and Once Upon A Time. 

First to be released on the silver screen was Mirror, Mirror starring Julia Roberts as the evil Queen stepmother. This was actually a very comic version. And there was even a "bollywood" ending since the director was actually Indian. I particularly loved that they depicted Snow White not just as a damsel in distress but also a strong empowered woman who rose to the occasion. Lily Collins who was tasked to portray the Snow, was really pretty however, petty as it may sound, I got a bit bothered by her really thick eyebrows. But just the same, she was really gorgeous. I'm also happy to note that Asians were properly represented among the seven dwarfs. Armie Hammer as Prince Charming was truly a charmer. 

Meanwhile, the other release on this classic apple-biting story is Snow White and the Huntsman featuring the favorite pale actress Kristen Stewart and the drop-dead-gorgeous-hunk-of-a-man-er-Thor Chris Hemsworth, who I won't mind calling mine instead, thank you very much!!!  Here's another twist to the tale that followed this beautiful princess who was thrown out of her own kingdom by her evil,not to mention really vain, stepmother Queen. A much darker tale, the evil Queen played by Charlize Theron hires a huntsman to bring her estranged step daughter Snow White so she could rip her heart out and give her immortal youth. But Thor, er Chris 'my man', er the huntsman had a change of heart and ends up being her protector, and whut? true love? Yep, you read that right. SPOILER ALERT!!! It was not a prince charming's kiss that would awaken the princess from her poisoned slumber. It was and why not, the huntsman's. I wouldn't blame her, I am actually envious. LOL. Goodness, he is so frakkin' hot even when he's all soiled and sweaty. He reminds me so much of Brad Pitt and Colin Farrel rolled in to one. Oozing with so much sexiness, ohmygewdness. But going back to the story, I loved the fact that once again, Snow was not a damsel in distress. I remember a friend not allowing her child to watch Disney Princess movies unless it's Mulan who didn't need a Prince Charming to save her. Snow in this movie, woke up to become a Joan-of-Arc'esque woman who would lead an army to reclaim her kingdom from the ageing but still beautiful and evil Queen. Of course, the move that would save Snow was the move that the huntsman taught her while they were struggling in the woods. So much leather going on this movie but I was just kinna thrown off with her gown at the end scene of the movie. Sorry, another petty observation,but it was so Sto.Nino'ish. But you know other than that, I loved the movie. Especially the part when you see Snow being crowned Queen was kind of restless and reluctant until she finally saw the huntsman who was just walking in through the crowd. You can smell some love going on. And I love it...wish they played on that even more. Definitely, this movie deserves four and a half apples.Bite it now!!!

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