Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Skinny on Things...

Running through old blogs, I come across a pic that was taken exactly a year ago. This was the first time I cut my hair after consistently sporting it long and yeah, unmanageable. I thought I'd like the much needed change. Fast forward a year later, hair length wasn't the only thing that would change...

It took a hereditary condition to finally convince me to be healthy.  It was late August last year when I was diagnosed with glaucoma. Apart from that, I also have astigmatism, hence, the glasses. Everything happened so fast. Literally,in a blink of an eye- I was to undergo laser iridectomy. 

It was quite a ride I tell you. Emotionally, mentally, physically. But I know what I'm supposed to do. I need to get better. And getting better is my great mantra in life now. 

With the help of my family and friends and new found friends, I am making headway in this journey. A new gym, a lifestyle change, new motivations...a worthy inspiration! 

The goal is not to be skinny but rather to be strong and healthy.   My main push is for me to be able to achieve my ideal weight by year end and be able to do a head stand or a handstand at least. Nobody said it's going to be easy and I know this only too well.
Many times I'd ask myself why I'm doing all these difficult, sometimes painful exercises.  The answer is always just sitting right in front of you...right across what you see in the mirror. You do it for yourself. You just go back to that person in front of you. Because you want to get better...because I WANT TO GET BETTER...because there are so many things out there to explore. Many more great adventures are to be had. Many more journeys to take...many more people to experience life with. 

When you're no longer happy to see the person in the mirror, then it's time to change...not just the hairstyle but also what you don't want in the person. Figure it out and be resolute. You can do it... the only person that would stop you from doing so is are your greatest fear, your stumbling block. Not the people around you. It is go ahead and do what needs to be done...not tomorrow, but today. There's no better day to begin than to begin today.

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