Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rock of (my sort of) Ages

I am truly a child of the 80s. At a tender age of 5, I was already collecting cassette tapes of my own preference. 
That's partly the advantage of being the youngest in the family, with siblings who could already afford to buy me those musical masterpieces. Even then, I knew what I wanted to listen to. I also collected music magazines with lyrics to songs and artist information. Somehow when I look back, I am truly amazed that I actually am destined to be where I am right now.

From top 40 to classic rock to dance tunes to local flava, I was a staunch supporter of music. From popular to the obscure, if it sounds good, it rawks!!!

About a couple of years back, a musical was born featuring music from the 80s, but not just any kind of music that would capture the era, specifically it featured Rock- from Classic to pop to glam. Yup! And I'm pretty much familiar with all of them. 

During 5th grade,on top of my other pop fare, I remember being so enamored with the music of Bon Jovi and Guns 'N Roses and even Warrant. From the album Slippery when wet, to Welcome to the Jungle and Cherry Pie- I loved all of them! Now imagine hearing all of these and more in one musical?  Now imagine, coming out with a movie version of said musical? How awesome is this?!

Zapping back to the 80s, Rock of Ages is an awesome story of how music, particularly rock, affects one's life and changes it forever. There's this rock star, a bar owner, a country lass drawn to the big city, a rock-star wannabe, a prick of a church woman, a gay assistant bar manager, a magazine writer...their lives intertwined by music...rock at that!!!

I loved the movie what can I say...from the costumes, to the lines, to the choreography...and of course the singing...who knew that Alec Baldwin can be made to sing? and more so, Tom Cruise--a rock star? Nothing is impossible in movies. It's quite an amazing cast. I never could think of any other actors and actresses playing the roles that each one did. So happy to note that they really were able to transport you to the time and place-- and it's about 3 decades ago, my goodness!!!

I heard good reviews about the musical itself but the movie was already awesome for me. I'd still want to see the musical too...I know I'll enjoy it. And I heard that if you watch it, you will definitely be part of the live audience, so it will be like a live rock concert...a reality musical? How cool is that?

As I write this, there's an ongoing local production of the musical which I really want to catch. Thing is, the tickets are almost sold on the days that I am free. Hmmmm...Will see how I can rock it all to find time for this. In the meantime, I am happily backtracking and belting out to some Foreigner, Journey and REO Speedwagon songs, thanks to Rock of (my) Ages...

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