Sunday, April 19, 2015

Emotion Dumpster it is...

So I end up reading a new-found friend's blog and I realize how much of an emotional dumpster of a blog mine is...hahaha.

I could indulge one with my elaborate excuse for such but why would I even do that?

Lately, it's been a roller coaster of a ride yet again...But as I move along, I guess I am able to find other things to make me enjoy the ride. Or maybe take my mind off the other things that make me feel sad...

It's baffling sometimes though,as I admittedly still snap back to sulking about certain events and er, people...but thankfully, the universe has its way of making it up to me. Like meeting new people who are turning out to be great folks...even spending time with colleagues who I never thought in a million years would turn out to be really sensible and genuine beings.

The goal now is to get better... hopefully, I won't get sick anymore in trying to do so. My health issues always tend to get in the way. I dunno why but perhaps it's psychosomatic. Jeeze.

Oh well...more happy thoughts please!!!

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