Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Seen Zoned

Chapters, phases... detours! 

I dunno what to make out of these things. The universe has this way of coming up with ways to make you smile and cry at the same time. Weird. I can hear someone say to me- 'You're weird!'...


Wish I was given the chance to at least say thank you or tell the person how the littlest thing made me smile inside. But I guess not.

I told myself I'm going to slow down on the caring part. Fuck, I care too much, and I just hate it...It's become difficult. I wanna hit my head on the wall now. 

But funny how things work themselves out. It just gets confusing. And yes, I am just a wee bit impatient for things to unravel themselves. Maybe that's why I appreciate spoilers. 

I've got some what ifs here. But yeah, I need to back off now, I'm guessing. It gets really depressing and it doesn't help that I've got other issues to deal with, besides.

Obviously I'm not that adventurous. But there are certain things that are worth taking chances on. I envy people who can just do what they please...like make a decision at a drop of a hat. Because prolly, they've seen it all...nothing to lose or maybe just thinking that everything's to gain...

Wow, I've been dumping a lot of emotions lately, eh... Only because I thought I am up for this, but I'm actually having it pretty challenging. I needed to cope.

So what's next? I have no idea. Excuse me, I think I caught something in my eye...

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