Monday, November 24, 2014

A Done Deal...

I had an awesome weekend. It went well even without the people I hoped to have spent it with. 

New experiences with people I barely knew still went great. I realized that I should always give new situations like those a try. I had a nice time. I am grateful I went. I am grateful I had the chance.

I should commence with the distancing part yet again. I should finally accept the fact that this person will always be unreliable. I knew that...and yet a part of me always gives this person the benefit of the doubt, when this person has time and again proven unworthy of my time and effort. 

The minute this person notices how far I am already, the more that this person will create situations to make sure I get reeled back in. 

What have I done? What gives? All I know that I once decided to trust this person. And then I ended up being on the losing end. 

I have to let go now. Before it's too late. I keep telling myself that. It's so difficult.

The chapter needs an ending soon. I just dunno how to...but I know I have to.

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