Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Making it Matter...

Finally reached out to me. I still sense the indifference. I should be the one being THAT towards him, but I couldn't. I break down all over again. And I said I miss the person I knew before all this. 

It's a roller coaster of emotions I should say. And it's not at all fun. I am embattled. I am torn apart. It's true what my friend said about him scarring me eventually, for life. And as much as I have been wanting to stay away from that, the more I get drawn in and become more hurt. He's got the power. Why did I ever give him the power in the first place?

He ought to be happy with what he has...Why can't he be thankful for what he has? Why does he say that he's getting tired of doing the same things for his relationship when he ought to be doing just that? I am so hurt that's why I distanced myself. And yet he comes closer...reels me back in. And I am torn all over again...

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