Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cruel Intentions...not!

I am firm to say that I am a level headed person. If in case there would be lapses in judgments, a bunch of my friends would be happy to remind me to revert back to who I really am. 

Admittedly, there were several decisions that were too hasty to be later realized as selfish and messed up. However, undoing such wouldn't make for a good lesson which I have yet to really learn.

I apologize for the collateral. It could have been anyone. 

Today, I restrain myself. I will keep to myself. 

You wouldn't even understand it anyway. We do not share the same plane. And I hate explaining. 

Please be happy and content and just keep the distance. You have nothing for me. Nothing I need, even if I mistook it for something I wanted. 

I wouldn't even attempt to be cryptic anymore... you never understood. And I don't expect you to, anytime soon.

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