Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Selfish Day to you...

I made a conscious effort to restrain myself from saying anything to you on your day. I thought you wouldn't even give a flying fuck about it. Instead, I get a message from you. As if blaming me for being a bad person for not giving a flying fuck about your day. I should get mad at you. For making me feel so bad. What the hell do you want?  Never did I assume that I mean anything to you. Especially after all those lies. Do you honestly think those untruths meant nothing to me? 

You said I'm the last person you think would ever forget to greet you...WHY THE HELL IS THAT? I'm trying to wrap my head around that statement. And you sounded pretty dead serious about it when I called you. I thought you were just pulling my leg. But I did feel your disappointment. And now, you make me feel doubly bad about it. Once again, you have managed to reel me back in. 

You know how I feel about you, Mr. Selfish. With or without the message or call, it remains the same. I just know where I should be...

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